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OLI Active+ modification platform, making more efficient use of raw materials


On June 24, 2021, the third live broadcast of Ringer’s "Effective Cosmetics" Cloud Forum was successfully completed.

Now let's take a look at the summary of practical knowledge about the Active+ modification platform in this cloud forum of OLI.

Dr. Zhang Weiyang

OLI Marketing Director
General Manager Assistant
Doctor of Materials Science, East China University of Science and Technology

Highlights review

Many active substances, such as Polyphenols and Flavonoids, are insoluble in water and oil, and their formulations are unstable. Others, such as VC, Retinol, and Coenzyme Q10, will attenuate in the light and heat environment, while their bio-availability is low and skin penetration is difficult.

To solve these problems, OLI has developed an Active+ modification platform. The platform is based on CELLPOLYPID®, which is developed with the bionic technology of CELLPOLYPID® and can also solve the application difficulties of active substances.

Through the Active+ modification platform, various difficulties in the application of cosmetic formulas can be well solved.


OLI has extended the application of CELLPOLYPID® in bio-medicine to the cosmetics field. Through molecular design, this technology can produce an "artificial cell membrane" CELLPOLYPID® with a structure similar to that of a human cell membrane. Combined with a special process, the functional raw materials are wrapped and modified to improve the solubility, stability, skin permeability, and other unique properties of raw materials. This technology has obtained Chinese and American invention patents and has been put into production.

OLI Active+ Modification Platform Case

01/  Whitening program

Glabridin was treated by Active+ modification platform technology to improve the compatibility of the formula; It also improves the transdermal absorption capacity, improves the stability, and has efficient whitening power–the whitening effect can be achieved by adding a few ten-thousandths of it.

High transdermal absorption

02/ Anti-aging program

The stability of the formulation was improved after HPR was coated; HPR activity was stable in light and heat environments; At the same time, it reduces the irritation of vitamin A derivatives.

Better compatibility

Better activity stability


03/ Repair plan

After the platform modification, the solubility in water and oil formulations is improved, recrystallization in the formulation is eliminated, and transdermal absorption is improved.

04/ Powder scheme

Through CELLPOLYPID® modification, the bio-compatibility is improved, and the formula product is easy to apply and not greasy; More skin-friendly, high makeup-holding, more transparent; Easy to disperse, reduces agglomeration, and provides high sunlight protection; Water and oil-friendly, self-emulsifying, which is more stable.

Product Features
Better emulsification effect

More transparent

Review summary

This speech by Dr. Zhang brings us a new perspective on the "artificial cell membrane" CELLPOLYPID® through the Active+ modification platform, the problems such as unstable formulation of active substances, attenuation in light and heat environment, and low bio-availability have been solved. The development of the Active+ modification platform is more conducive to the differentiation and innovative development of cosmetics raw materials in the industry.

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