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  • Glabridin Series

    Glabridin Series is the star product series of OLI’s. Since 1990s, OLI has been delving into the application of Licorice in the realm of skin lightening, having developed the patented technology with which the unique and rare natural lightener-Glabridin can be extracted from Glycyrrhiza glabra. OLI’s efforts have also made paramount contribution to the industry standard formulation of Glabridin and the entry of its both Chinese and English INCI names into ‘the Catalogue of Used Cosmetic Raw Materials’.

  • Olicolight® Lightening Series

    Olicolight® Series is OLI's lightening active additive series, including OLI's patented product Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein series, classic lightening active substance Ascorbyl derivatives, Arbutin, etc. This series of products have the effect of lightening and brightening the skin, making the skin fair.

  • Oliconew® Repair Series

    Oliconew® Series is OLI's repair active additive series. With permeabilized ceramide as the core, it has derived product series suitable for different application scenarios. The product has the functions of supplementing the intercellular substance of the stratum corneum, strengthening the skin barrier function, repairing the skin, improving the skin's tolerance, resisting the invasion of harmful substances from the outside, and reducing the occurrence of allergic reactions.