R&D Innovation
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As a high-tech enterprise, OLI adheres to product R&D and technological innovation. Relying on the new scientific and technological innovation and using the advanced synthesis scheme and Active+ technology platform, the R&D center is committed to the development and promotion of new technologies, new products, and new applications of cosmetic raw materials, providing customers with comprehensive products and technical services, as well as overall solutions and personalized product customization services for cosmetics.

Introduction to core R&D team of OLI

  • Dr. Li Xiaohu
    Chairman of OLI Group and technical leader

    Ph.D. in chemistry, Vanderbilt University, post-doctoral degree, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master of Business Administration, University of Louisville, and master of chemistry, Nanjing University. He has more than 30 years of R&D and management experience in the chemical industry. He used to be a partner of Arsenal Capital, President of Arch Chemical in China and the Asia Pacific region, and an executive of Bayer Singapore Co., Ltd. Current Managing Partner of Enoch capital; Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of OLI group; Director of ACG China.

  • Mr. Chen Xiangdong
    CTO of OLI

    Master of Chemistry, University of Hamburg, Germany. In 1991, he participated in the research of human epidermal ceramide. He worked in Beiersdorf company and Henkel company; In 1998, it was the first R&D center with the same international standard as Henkel that was established by an international chemical company, with Chen Xiang dong being Asia Pacific R&D director of Henkel cosmetics. Since 2013, he has devoted himself to the research of natural and biological efficacy cosmetics and raw materials.

  • Mr. Jiang Zhijie
    Founder and currently the consultant of OLI. Expert of daily chemical raw material and the Executive director of China Aromatherapy Association

    In 1966, he graduated from the Institute of Organic Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the first postgraduate in new China. He once worked in the Shanghai Institute of daily chemistry and successively served as the director of the comprehensive room, the analysis room, and the cosmetics room; In 1988, he served as the technical manager of Yikang Chemical Shanghai company. He is the inventor of six Chinese invention patents; Participated in the formulation of many national and industrial standards.

OLI R&D center pays attention to the cultivation and development strategy of talents, has a perfect talent training mechanism, and members of the core R&D teams all have Ph.D. or master's degrees. They have rich technical experience and are engaged in new product development, product application, efficacy evaluation, regulatory compliance, and the like.
  • New product development and Application

    Responsible for investigating the application performance of raw materials, raw material compatibility, and application development, focusing on the research and optimization of the compounding process of new products, including small-scale and pilot production, cooperating with the factory to scale up production, and providing comprehensive solutions for how to effectively apply the products to cosmetics.

  • Efficacy evaluation

    In-vitro efficacy evaluation laboratory: it is composed of a cell laboratory, microbiological laboratory, biochemical laboratory, and chicken embryo culture room to conduct in-depth research on product safety and in-vitro efficacy evaluation.

    Clinical evaluation room: it has a variety of non-invasive skin testing instruments, which can evaluate the effectiveness of the products in moisturizing, repairing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, and other functions.

  • Synthetic botanical extract

    Use modern technology to process and extract high-quality natural botanical extracts.

  • Regulatory management

    Responsible for monitoring the risks in the process of new product development and ensuring product compliance.

The R&D center conducts close scientific research cooperation with many well-known universities and R&D institutions:
Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine, Shihezi University, East China University of Science and Technology, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University.