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Many active substances, such as Polyphenols, VC, Retinols, Coenzyme Q10, etc., will have problems such as attenuation of active substances, low bio-availability and difficult skin penetration during the formulation and use of finished products.
  • Insoluble in water and oil, and the formula precipitates
  • Low bio-availability
  • Active substance attenuation
  • Raw material/formula irritation
  • Differentiation of clients' raw material customization

In view of these difficulties, OLI developed an Active+ modification platform.

The platform is developed based on the bio-mimetic technology of CELLPOLYPID®, which not only has the biological characteristics of CELLPOLYPID®, but also can solve various difficulties in the application of current cosmetic formulations.

  • Improved solubility and good compatibility
  • Improve transdermal absorption
  • Active and stable
  • Mild without irritation
  • Customized products
Introduction of Active+ Technology
Introduction of Active+ Technology
Application in the
cosmetic field

Bio-mimetic technology of CELLPOLYPID®

Cell membrane

“What is life” brings the idea that the origin of life cannot be separated from three major elements: energy, genetic material, and cell membrane.

The cell membrane is a physical barrier that provides protection for energy molecules and genetic material and has selective permeability. At the same time, the cell membrane plays an important role in cell metabolism and life activities due to its special structure.

Bio-mimetic technology of cell membrane

Based on bio-mimetic technology, we prepared an "artificial cell membrane" - CELLPOLYPID®, which has the same Hydrophilic head and a similar Hydrophobic tail as the human cell membrane.

Technological development of CELLPOLYPID®

Internationally Leading Patent Technology Industrialization
  • 80-90's

    It was the first to put forward the theory of conformational synergy between the main chain and the side group of biological macromolecules.
    Cell-membrane-like bio-materials friendly to blood and tissue were designed and discovered.

  • 2016

    The preparation technology of CELLPOLYPID® has won a Chinese invention patent and an American patent (international initiative).

  • 2021

    The production base of Jiangsu Yangtze River Chemical Industry Park put into operation

  • 1980s
  • 2000s
  • 2010s
  • 2020s
  • 2010

    Won the first prize of science and technology progress of the Ministry of education and the first prize of natural science of the Ministry of Education

  • 2018

    Structure modification and development to improve solubility, skin penetration, and stability

Application of CELLPOLYPID® in biomedicine

  • Organ
  • Biological
  • Eye

CELLPOLYPID® has a special phospholipid structure and good biocompatibility.

CELLPOLYPID® has excellent tissue and blood compatibility and are ideal biomedical material.

Because of its special structure, it is easy to form an envelope state and deliver the drug to the target site after encapsulation, thus improving the effect of the drug.

Application of CELLPOLYPID® in the cosmetic field

Technological innovation, CELLPOLYPID® technology extends to the field of cosmetics.

Through molecular design, a special CELLPOLYPID® structure is prepared. Combined with special technology, the functional raw materials are wrapped and modified to improve the solubility, stability, skin penetration, and other unique properties of the raw materials.

Successful Cases of Active+
Whitening program
Anti-aging scheme
Repair plan
Powder scheme

Whitening programACTIVE+

After being modified by Active+ modification platform technology, Glabridin is a pure water-soluble system that improves the compatibility of the formula;

It also improves the transdermal absorption capacity, improves stability, and has high-efficiency whitening power - the whitening effect visible to the naked eye can be achieved by adding a few thousandths.

High transdermal absorption

Anti-aging schemeACTIVE+

After HPR is wrapped by Active+, the stability of the formula is improved;
HPR activity is stable in light and heat environments;
At the same time, the irritation of Vitamin A derivatives was reduced.

Repair planACTIVE+

After the modification of the Active+ platform, the solubility of Ceramide in water and oil dosage forms is improved, the recrystallization in the formulation is eliminated, and the transdermal absorption is improved.

Powder schemeACTIVE+

After Active+ modification, the bio-compatibility is improved, and the formula product is easy to apply and not greasy; More skin-friendly, highly makeup-holding, more transparent; Easy to disperse, reduces agglomeration, highly sun-proof; Water and oil emulsification, more stable.

Through the Active+ modification platform, the problems of unstable formulation of active substances, attenuation of active substances in the light and heat environment, and low bio-availability were solved. The development of the Active+ modification platform is more conducive to the differentiation and innovative development of cosmetic raw materials in the industry.