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HPR, the new generation star of the Vitamin A family


The discussion of anti-aging and beautification has been at the top of all major beauty forums. The loud voice of "Morning C and Night A" has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of people. The stimulation and stability of Vitamin A have always been the core area of the customers.

Understanding the Vitamin A Family

In the vitamin A family, Retinoic Acid is the most powerful anti-aging drug, but Retinoic Acid belongs to prescription drugs and is prohibited in cosmetics. Therefore, the current market for vitamin A is either retinol or retinol ester.  

Neither Retinol nor Retinol ester can directly affect the human body, but it needs to be converted into Retinoic Acid to find receptors in the cell DNA and activate a series of downstream chain reactions.

The longer the conversion path from ester to acid is, the lower the action efficiency is

The length of the transformation path determines the biological activity of vitamin A components, that is, the longer the path is, the lower the action efficiency. Although the irritation of Retinol and its derivatives is reduced in the transformation process, the action efficiency is also sacrificed.

Active chemical properties

The chemical properties of vitamin A components such as Retinol are very active, and they are very sensitive to light and heat. They are easily affected to change in the structure and become inactivated. Therefore, these components are difficult to store and stably apply in the formula.

New generation star of the HPR Vitamin A family

HPR chemical name: Hydroxypinacone Retinate

Third-generation vitamin A derivatives

HPR, a new generation of Retinoic Acid derivative integrating the advantages of Retinoic Acid and retinol ester

HPR is the third generation of vitamin A derivatives and is also a well-deserved new generation star of the vitamin A family. The magic of HPR can be seen in its molecular formula. Using pinacol to modify the side chain of Retinoic Acid, HPR not only has the mildness of Retinol ester, but also has the biological activity of Retinoic Acid, which means that HPR can directly bind to the corresponding Retinoic Acid receptor without transformation, and can directly play the role of Retinoic Acid on the skin without transformation! At the same time, the stability of HPR was also improved.

OLI Solutions

Active+ Platform Modifies HPR  OLI-1901 Olicoyoung® HPR

Appearance: transparent oily liquid

OLI-1901 Olicoyoung® HPR is the HPR raw material modified by the Active+ platform of OLI, with active matter content up to 10%, high stability, and easy absorption.

Modification of Active+ CELLPOLYPID® Platform

After modification with CELLPOLYPID®, HPR has a better transdermal absorption effect and better anti-aging effect.

Better activity stability

After the modification of OLI-1901 by the Active+ platform, the stability of its activity was improved, and the attenuation of its active substance was greatly reduced.

Better formula Stability

After the modification of OLI-1901 with CELLPOLYPID®, the compatibility of the formulation is improved, it is not easy to separate, and it is more stable.


Essence containing 2% OLI-1901 was used for the human patch test. The test results showed that 30 subjects had no adverse reactions at 0.5h, 24h, and 48h after patch removal respectively.

High efficiency anti-aging effect

HPR directly binds to the Retinoic Acid receptors on cells to activate cell regulators to stimulate the proliferation of Keratinocytes, promote the metabolism of epidermal cells, and reduce the degradation of collagen and elastin in the dermis. OLI-1901 can increase the content of Collagen I protein and elastin through this mechanism; Reduce the secretion level of MMP-1 to achieve the effect of skin firming and anti-wrinkle.

OLI-1901 Cell Test

Collagen I increased by 344.81%

Elastin significantly increased and MMP-1 significantly decreased by 16.8%

OLI-1901 Clinical Trial

In the clinical trial, the anti-wrinkle eye cream containing 2% OLI-1901 improved skin elasticity and wrinkle area after 4 weeks.

[Wrinkles fade significantly]

The clinical trial photos of the eye cream containing OLI-1901 show that the wrinkles of the corners of the eyes have been significantly improved, with a long-term anti-aging effect.

OLI-1901 carries out Active+ modification on HPR, which can greatly activate HPR activity potential, improve anti-aging efficiency, significantly reduce irritation, and show better stability.

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