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OLI Glabridin&Guyu New Product Release


Shiny White and Newborn, Natural Light

Gu Yu, along with OLI, holds the new product conference

OLI Glabridin - Whitening Gold

30 years of unremitting exploration

● Scientific research on Licorice Flavonoids and whitening mechanism began in the early 1990s.

● Investigation and successful extraction of Glabridin from the 1990s

● At the end of the 1990s, the Glabridin-40 extracted from OLI reached the international first-class level.

● In 2001, we established a production, teaching, and research base with ShiHezi University, and conducted in-depth research from the source.

● In 2007, the high-purity extraction technology won the Chinese invention patent (the first in the world).

● In 2010, applying for Glabridin's entry into the international INCI

● In 2021, the main contribution of Glabridin listed in the 21st edition of the Catalogue of Used Cosmetic Raw Materials of the Food and Drug Administration.

CELLPOLYPID® surface modification enhances "transdermal absorption"

Create and research "pharmaceutical grade" CELLPOLYPID® technology

Water soluble formula system to improve stability.

Breakthrough in the application of biomedical materials in the field of cosmetics.

It does not damage the skin barrier foundation, releases gently, and penetrates the skin effectively.

It can form an anti-allergy protective film on the skin surface, effectively isolating the stimulation of external substances on the skin.

Join hands with "Guyu"

Make the Chinese plant whitening treasure be widely used and recognized


Brand value:

Cultural confidence+product confidence+technology confidence

——Wang Anning, Guyu Founder

"Science and technology, perseverance and dedication have forged a Chinese treasure of plant extraction and whitening, and made Chinese local raw materials stand on the international stage."

——Dr. Li Xiaohu, Chairman of Shanghai OLI Enterprises Co., Ltd

"China's independent research and development technology has achieved a new breakthrough, allowing China's plant treasures to burst into extreme whitening effect."

——Dr. Zhang Weiyang, Chief R&D Advisor of Guyu X OLI Joint Laboratory

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