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Unlock the Secret of "Artificial Cell Membrane" - Part 2


In the last issue, OLI unlocked the secret of OLI-8100E CELLPOLYPID® aqueous solution to people.

Today, we bring you another new product, OLI-8200 CELLPOLYPID® oil solution.

OLI-8200 CELLPOLYPID® oil solution.

Core ingredient: CELLPOLYPID® (PQ-51)

Appearance: colorless to light yellow oily liquid

Scope of application: lotion, cream, essential oil, and other skin care products; Hair care essential oil and other hair products; Lipstick, foundation, and other beauty products

CELLPOLYPID® content: 1.8~2.2%

Recommended dosage: 0.5~10%

CELLPOLYPID® is a bionic material of artificial cell membrane structure, which has a structure similar to that of natural skin phospholipid, so it is also called the artificial cell membrane.

CELLPOLYPID® has excellent tissue and blood compatibility, and is suitable for biomedical fields such as organ transplantation, ophthalmic care, and wound repair.

OLI has successfully prepared the CELLPOLYPID® using the unique patented technology and the safe, environment-friendly process, and successfully introduced it into the daily chemical field. At present, OLI is the only company in China and one of the only three in the world to realize the industrialization of CELLPOLYPID®.


Performance in daily chemical application

Refreshing skin feeling - reduce the greasy feeling of oily products, make the skin feel moist but not greasy, and hit the market pain point directly.

Alleviate irritation - fully inhibiting the skin irritation of finished product irritants

Molecular nailing effect - long-term retention, lasting performance.

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