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OLI Zhang Jiagang Base officially launched



Jiangsu OJI Project was launched by Zhang Jiagang Enoch Capital in 2019, integrating high-quality resources of domestic daily chemical raw materials. Its subsidiaries include OLI, a well-known cosmetics raw material enterprise in China, and Anqing Gouyou, whose "CELLPOLYPID®" product has entered industrialization.

Zhang Jiagang Base Site

Factory base of Amino Acid Surfactant and cosmetic active substance

Site of the project launching ceremony

Grand Launching Occasion   Gathering of Fine Guests

Mr. Wang Hongsheng, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal People's Congress
Mr. Han Wei, Deputy Secretary of Zhang Jiagang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor
Mr. Lu Chongmin, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhang Jiagang Municipal Party Committee
Ms. Weng Yuren, member of the Party Working Committee of Zhang Jiagang Free Trade Zone
Mr. Pan Yi, former Vice President of Nanjing University and Director of Nanjing University Science and Technology Innovation and Empowerment Center
Mr. Li Xiaohu, Chairman of Jiangsu OJI Biotech Co., Ltd
Mr. Jiang Ye, General Manager of OLI Enterprises Co., Ltd
Ms. Fang Aiqin, the controller of PROYA
Mr. Cai Zhiqiang, President of IFF Asia Pacific

As well as leaders of relevant departments and industry colleagues, partners and people from all walks of life

Zhang Jiagang Base

With the independent innovation of intellectual property rights as the core, OJI Zhang Jiagang Base has gathered internationally leading production technology, advanced automation equipment, and modern scientific management.

The project is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2022 when OJI will meet the demand of famous cosmetic companies at home and abroad for high-quality cosmetic raw materials.

Annual production capacity after completion

1502 tons of bio-active functional materials

57800 tons of bio-based green surfactant


A new starting point

The grand launch ceremony of Jiangsu OJI is a new starting point for OJI's entire development journey. The next five years will be the most important period for the rapid development of Jiangsu OJI.

Through modern scientific management, high standards, and high-quality requirements, we will build Jiangsu OJI into an international first-class cosmetics raw material supplier!

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