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When seaweed polysaccharide meets ceramide, it can create a natural moisturizing effect


Oliconew-8106, OLI's new repair product, solves the skin barrier damage caused by wearing masks and repeated cleaning in the post-epidemic era, as well as various skin problems such as redness, cracking, and scaling.

Nuclear Elements

Algal Polysaccharide+a variety of Ceramide
Double star ingredients can achieve a super moisturizing effect through internal and external coordination, repair skin barrier, and bid farewell to "mask face" at the speed of light!

Seaweed Polysaccharide

Algal Polysaccharides mainly come from kelp, deer tail, kelp, and some other seaweeds, which have rich pharmacological functions such as enhancing immunity, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, etc. Among them, brown algae have more abundant nutrients, and as an excellent emollient, it has gradually begun to be used in the field of skincare.

High-quality Polysaccharide

Pure Marine Brown Algae contain rich L-fucose and Glucuronic Acid, which have excellent moisturizing and moisturizing properties and can promote cell division and activate cells.

Natural Nourishment

The Uronic Acid derivatives, Fucose Polymers, Sorbitol, Polymannitol, and other substances contained in seaweed have obvious moisturizing effects, which can form a membrane-like moisturizing compound with the skin to prevent excessive water loss and make the skin moist, soft, and elastic.


Ceramide repair mechanism

◆ The outermost layer of the epidermis is mainly composed of 10-20 layers of flat dead cells, which is the "outer wall" cuticle of the skin.

◆ The cuticle can resist the invasion of external bacteria and ultraviolet rays, and ensure the safety of subcutaneous tissue.

◆ The inter-cellular lipid is the "plaster" of the outer wall, filling the Keratinocytes and maintaining the stable structure of the barrier.

Repair skin barrier

Ceramide, the main component of inter-cellular lipids, accounts for more than 50% in total and is an important component of the skin barrier. Ceramide, like a "molecular nail", binds Keratinocytes through ester bonds to form a network structure, strongly associates water molecules, prevents water molecules from escaping, and undertakes the functions of repairing skin barrier and moisturizing. When there is a problem with the skin barrier, Ceramide is added to the inter-cellular space, which can quickly fill the inter-cellular space, repair the anti-fouling and moisturizing functions of the barrier, and timely improve the dryness, scaling, roughness, and other problems of the skin.


Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmamide (premium ceramide) is not only added but also a variety of Ceramides and auxiliary ingredients are compounded to accurately supplement various substances required by the inter-cellular substance and efficiently repair the skin barrier.

The sample was prepared into a universal hand cream, and 30 subjects with dry and sensitive hands topical applied product three times a day. Then the skin surface topography was photographed and recorded.

Efficacy of the product added with Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmamide ▲

Conclusion: Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmamide can better the rough and dry condition of the skin, and create moisturized flawless skin.

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